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commission inquiries?
email me at tocorviday@gmail.com.

incinerate eradicate

incinerate eradicate

ended up liking both versions so

max through the years haha (minus her present day self since I ran out of room)

I guess this kind of counts as a process post so enjoy I guess lol

slight hiatus

ah hey guys! sorry for the general inactivity;;

a lot of you guys already know this, but I’m currently studying abroad in london to finish up my psych major  and my schedule as a result has been a lot tighter due to travel plans, poorly maintained sleep schedules, and longer class hours.

haven’t been drawing as much as I want to since arriving here, but I’m still posting my stuff online at instagram and twitter! the latter’s more for personal text stuff and video game thoughts though, so just a heads up. I’ll be posting dumps here once enough things accumulate, but feel free to check out those other two places too.

in terms of commissions (since a few of you have contacted me about this), I’m technically not open, but I’m open to freeing up some time for you if you really want something drawn by me - just send me an email at tocorviday@gmail.com and we can discuss things there. already working on a few things for existing commissioners, so hopefully I get those out to you guys in a somewhat timely manner.

anyway, thank you all so much for the patience and support! seeing people react so positively to the things I like really puts a smile on my face and keeps my motivation to draw nice and strong, so my gratitude is essentially endless for you guys.

hope you all have a lovely weekend!

do you have your commission prizes uploaded somewhere??

well currently I don’t have an updated sheet posted, but if you’re interested in commissioning me for a specific thing feel free to shoot me an email at tocorviday@gmail.com and we can discuss prices there

everybody’s either facing or looking to the right recently in my sketches but honestly I don’t really give a damn right now lol


some more sketch things


some quick things from today

scrapping together some creature designs for a commissioner (literally one of my favorite things to do)

not entirely happy how they look, so I may change them up/scrap some of them all together, but yah enjoy the wips for now

(thanks to those who came to the stream to watch me do these btw!)

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