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Hey guys! In favor of new products and study abroad plans in London, I’m having a huge clearance sale to get rid of my current inventory. This means there are a few discounts that are taking place:

  1. First off, all goods that are being retired have been reduced up to 50% off in price! You can find them under “Retiring Sale” in my store.

  2. Second is an additional 15% off of all goods in my store, just be sure to enter the code “LNDN” when checking out.

  3. And lastly there are my bundle deals: $20 for three large prints + 1 miniprint (random pull) and $5 for any 3 stickers. You can find them both under “Special Deals” in my store - the discount code also applies for these sets!

    » My shop can be found here. «

A huge thank you to those who’ve already bought from me so far, the support really means a lot! These deals will last as long as they need to, though I would prefer to get rid of my stock by early June.

Hopefully I get most of my inventory cleared so I can bring in some new merch for you guys soon!

thanks for watching!

thanks for watching!

happy thoughts.

happy thoughts.

maxine’s pretty much that one oc that you love to draw no matter what kind of mood you’re in

rain spirits.


sorry for the lack of updates lately!

went to my first signing yesterday to meet fiona staples and it was a huge pleasure to meet her. I’m really glad she accepted my work. :’)

anyway this is a mention to go read saga! it’s definitely up there in terms of my favorite comics, and the story and art are absolutely stunning. definitely recommend it.

random animation bits



these two are such a treasure.

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